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"...for those serious people who really need a computer with a lot of grunt, in a Tablet format, this is the one for them"

-- Stephen Fenech
The Daily Telegraph

"The TEGA V2 is the thinnest and most beautiful windows tablet I've ever used."

-- Rob Bushway
Founder GottaBeMobile.com

"This tablet did everything that I expected it to and more. It's so well designed and considering how thin the unit is it's hard to believe it's a fully-fledged Win7 computer. Seriously impressive."

-- Jon Dee
Founder DoSomething.net.au
2010 NSW Australian of the Year

TEGA v2 News

Sydney, NSW, 06 Oct 2010

Today the TEGA v2 made its television debut on Australian Television, and in fact its world debut on TV. The show was "Mornings with Kerri-Anne" and the result was pretty good for a newcomer! Up against the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Dell Streak and even the iPad too, itt came up nicelywith Stephen Fenech of "Daily Telegraph Connect Blog" stating:

"…for those serious people who really need a computer with a lot of grunt, in a Tablet format, this is the one for them"

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TEGA v2 Multi-touch Tablet PC


Users who are interested in participating in the TEGA v2 Swype BETA please download the agreement and return the completed form to swype@TEGAv2.com - INCLUDE YOUR TEGA v2 SERIAL NUMBER IN THE RETURN REPLY.

We will release Swype BETA version only to those with completed returned agreements and valid serial numbers.

Following your participation please leave feedback at: SWYPE BETA – thoughts, tips and tricks

World's first Windows tablet with Swype typing - Stephen Fenech

Touchscreen typing can be a frustrating experience at times. It's really easy to hit the wrong key.

But the introduction of Swype typing on Android-powered mobile devices like Samsung's Galaxy S smartphone changed all that. What's even more interesting is the fact it has now moved to the tablet.

Tech Guide got its hands on the world's first Windows tablet to offer Swype – the Tega v2.1.

With tablets becoming an increasingly popular format the amount of typing we will be doing on a touchscreen is only going to increase. Swype typing allows user to type fast and accurately by joining the letters on the keyboard without lifting their fingers off the keyboard.

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What is Swype?

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods—at over 40 words per minute. The application is designed to work across a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions, virtual screens and more.

10 Tips for Swype

1. Double-Tap Edit

To maximize Swype's efficiency, you shouldn't be editing your entries as you go - that is, word-by-word. If you make a mistake, rather than worry about correcting the word, just keep going!

2. Punctuate Elegantly- Still tapping out punctuation?

Almost all punctuation can be entered as a Swype gesture such as period-space, comma-space, exclamation point (z)-space, question mark (m)-space etc.

3. URL Shortcuts - Get connected faster

Swype helps you get connected faster with www., .gov, .ca, .com etc.

4. Hidden shortcuts - Everyone likes secrets...

Being a power user means doing normal things fast. You can access the NUM layer directly from ABC by gesturing from the Swype key to the 5(f) key or you can access the Edit layer from ABC by gesturing from the Swype key to the SYM key.

5. Tertiary Functions - Good things come to those who (press and) wait

For each key on the ABC layer you have three sets of entry options - press, press-hold, and press-long-hold. To truly become a Swype power user you need to know how to use these third, or tertiary functions effectively.


For more detail tips please download our TEGA v2 SWYPE BETA usertips menu below.

Key Features

• Over 40 words per minute on touchscreen devices

• Standard QWERTY layout

• Use a stylus or finger

• Ideal for Smartphones and Tablet PCs

• Multiple languages available

• Supports common editing actions

• Patented

• SDK available now!

• Single Tap Predictive Text for mobile devices


Swype has been designed to run in real-time on relatively low-powered portable devices.

• The Swype software is very tightly written with a total memory footprint of under 1 MB,

• An application requiring from 500K – 900K (depending on options, when compiled for the Windows Mobile platform).

• 65,000-word language database with an average size of approximately 250K.

• It is made up of three major components:

• Input path analyzer,

• Word matching search engine with accompanying word database,

• User interface – which is customizable by OEM's.

• The algorithms used for Swype were invented by the founders, and contain unique concepts that make the software both powerful and fast.

• The software has been developed from the ground up with an eye toward localizing it to other languages as well as porting it to other operating systems.


You can go fast and be sloppy. There's no need to try to accurately hit each key. Just make a reasonable effort to trace through the word and Swype will do the rest.

Easy to Learn

The keyboard layout is QWERTY, so there is virtually no learning curve if you've already learned to type on a regular keyboard.

Natural Feeling

The smooth motion of sliding from letter to letter feels very natural, not to mention fast.

Finger-Tip Operation

Swype can be used equally well with either a stylus or your fingertip. You don't have to be precise; so even if you have a large finger that partially obscures the keys, Swype still works!


You can go even faster since Swype automatically enters spaces for you. (Spaces are prepended in front of each word entered by Swype).

Auto Spelling Correction

Not only can you go fast and be sloppy, in most typical cases, Swype will even correct misspelled words. For example, trace out "freind", and Swype will automatically generate "friend".

Capitalization Shortcut

Save time by capitalizing any letter in a word with a simple gesture: just slide from the letter to off the top of the keyboard and then continue entering the rest of the word.

65,000-word Learning Dictionary

Chances are the word you are typing is already in the Swype dictionary. But if it isn't, just tap it out once followed by a space, and Swype will automatically learn it for next time.

Statistical Tracking

Keep track of your speed using Swype's built-in statistical tracking.

Accented Characters

Words with accented characters ("diacritics") require no special action - just Swype the word and the correct spelling will be entered. New words with accented characters can by typed by tapping and holding on the letter to see all possible variations.

Interactive Tutorial

Get up-to-speed quickly with the fun and fast Swype interactive tutorial.

Basic Keybad

Advanced Keypads

Over 50 Symbols

Most common symbols are on the main keyboard layer and can be quickly entered by tapping on the key and sliding off the top of the keyboard. Many other symbols are readily available on Swype's second keyboard layer.

Automatic Help

Swype detects when you may be having trouble or might be able to benefit from a particular feature, and prompts you with helpful tips and instructions.

Advanced Features

When the Swype software is first started, it runs a short piece of test code to estimate the overall speed of both processing and file access in its current environment. This estimate is used to establish a default value for a "Swype Operation" parameter that can be adjusted by means of a slider control displayed in the user options.

Input Slider

The slider is labeled at the far left with "Faster Response" and at the far right with "Sloppier Input." This slider setting controls a broad range of internal parameters that determine the breadth of the initial database search to identify the most likely matching word for each entered input path. It also controls a large number of other thresholds, such as how close the path needs to come near a key in order for that key to be potentially considered as a "match" to the path at that point. The slider is initialized to the determined default value, which results in an average response time of less than 250 milliseconds. This means that, on average, Swype will generate the intended word for an input path within ¼ second of when the stylus or finger is lifted from the screen at the end of the path.